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Where is Buckingham College located?
It is situated at London. For the exact location

How do I apply?
You can apply online by filling in the downloadable application form

What are the courses offered?
We offer courses relating to Business Studies, Information Technology & Computer Sciences, Hospitality Management, Law Courses and Actuarial Sciences and Language Courses.

What are the term dates?
The calendar year is divided into 3 segments(February / July / September), and we conduct all courses at the college to fit in with this format, whereby each separate course will be scheduled around the term dates for that year. Please note that the amount of holidays per course, and the dates for these holidays are both at the college's own discretion, and they may be changed without any prior notice given.

What facilities does the College provide?
Computing facilities, Financial Assistance, Library Facilities, Health Care & Accommodation are provided. For more details click here.

How is the campus life at the College?
The College provides a very enriching experience to the students. All their needs are taken care of, right from health care & accommodation to advice & guidance on personal/career concerns. To have a glimpse of the campus life, click here.

How do I get my queries clarified?
You can send across enquiries by filling in the Enquiry Form that is enclosed.

Who else can I ask BUBL for information or the Institute

Buckingham College is a specialized college of higher education committed to excellence ...
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We are one of the frontrunners in the provision of education in the fields of English, IT, Family Law and

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